Compression and tension of the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh can occur at the exit under the inguinal ligament from the pelvic cavity, where it bends, perforating the iliac fascia, or when passing through the channel, which is formed by the bundles of the inguinal ligament.

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In addition to the listed risk factors, there are aspects that are likely to be complicated by such a tunnel syndrome. Among them, it is worth noting all diseases of the spine that provoke a compensatory change in posture. These are osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome and sciatica, spondylarthrosis, protrusion and herniation of the intervertebral disc, sprains, instability of the position of the vertebral bodies, etc.

These are the most common causes of Roth's disease, in fact there are many more.

Another reason is the excessive amount of fat deposits in the thighs and the anterior abdominal wall. Other reasons include: Tumors. Hematomas of the retroperitoneal space. Operational interventions. Inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity. Wearing tight underwear. Frequent wearing of belts. The use of corsets. Nerve malnutrition. Sedentary lifestyle. Degenerative diseases of the spine.

At least these should be excluded.

Most often, this disease can be detected in pregnant women due to the fact that during childbearing, lumbar lordosis and extension in the hip joint area increase. The angle of the pelvis also changes, which leads to compression of the nerve. Also, the causes can be injuries of the back and spine and a long stay in one position. In addition, sometimes such a condition is detected in people of certain professions and can be considered an occupational ailment.

For normal functioning, the lateral femoral nerve needs the supply of nutrients that are delivered to it with the blood stream.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of neurological symptoms. There are no laboratory and instrumental research methods. Discogenic radiculopathy of the lumbar level. Spondylosis/spondylarthrosis of the lumbar spine. Treatment is prescribed only after confirmation of the diagnosis by a specialist doctor. Vitamin therapy, analgesics, massage, physiotherapy, therapeutic physical culture, novocaine and hydrocortisone blockades, surgical intervention in the inguinal ligament are shown.

Measures such as the normalization of vardenafil pills, the exclusion of external compressive factors and the treatment of somatic diseases are of great importance.

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The doctor collects information about the patient's lifestyle, finds out his family history. To determine the degree of sensitivity impairment, the specialist conducts a series of diagnostic procedures and tests, including the determination of a decrease in tactile and temperature sensitivity. The study is carried out on both legs at the same time, which will determine the deterioration in perception on one side.

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Additionally, X-rays of the spine, pelvis and femur are performed to identify dystrophic changes that could cause pathology. Non-traditional methods are used to eliminate the symptoms of Roth-Bernhardt disease. Most often, honey-based products are used. Compresses made from honey mixed with grated laundry soap and a dry egg are popular. The resulting mixture is applied to the skin, covered with a cotton cloth and left overnight. The course of treatment is 7-10 days.

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To relieve inflammation at home, use an infusion of sage and chamomile, taking baths based on them. Also popular is the treatment with a decoction of peppermint, white willow bark or elderflower. Infusions are used in combination with honey several times a day. Alternative methods in some cases can improve the patient's condition, but there is also a risk of worsening his condition. Before using them, you should consult your doctor.

Roth's disease is manifested by a complex of characteristic symptoms that allow a definitive diagnosis to be made without additional research.

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However, in some cases it is important to establish the cause of levitra online compression in order to prescribe the most effective treatment. So, during the examination, various neoplasms, hematomas and other dangerous pathologies can be detected.

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